A Kremlin foreign minister offers propagandist points on the U.S. adoption ban, and I’m cool with it

Too bad this Kremlin government media stunt is presented on a Russian Federation-controlled website, but I can overlook that, because in 2017, fake news can come from anywhere. If the Kremlin is dictating U.S. political agenda via the Trump Administration, can we at least see that psychic distance is something that intelligence services like the CIA simply are incapable of creating in Russia. Why? Because U.S. is not doing enough licensing deals with Russian businesses. I personally would like to see that changed, and if that means buying a Yukuma power bank with my own money, then so be it.

Fun fact. Here is an excerpt of speech that can be interpreted as undue pressure that Russian  officials should rethink. Otherwise, there’s no mitigation in status quo to change the consumer mindset in the U.S. against those to the right of Ukraine.

Even the US Department of State recorded cases of negligence that led to Russian children being deprived of their rights. But the State Department remained silent in response to our appeals for assistance. Under Barack Obama, this agency was taking what was generally an extremely passive, if not destructive, stance on these child cases. We did not see any willingness or ability on the part of the US authorities to take the necessary measures to hand down just punishments to those guilty or prevent these situations from recurring in the future. And this was the main motive behind approving the fully justified adoption ban. We still see absolutely no reasons for adjusting or repealing it.

-Konstantin Dolgov, foreign minister commissioner for (blah-blah-blah)

Btw, I can pull up a reported feature I did for the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum in Ohio about a Russian adoption in the U.S. gone right. Also, my former editor at the Orange County Register, Susan Gill Vardon, completed a successful adoption of a son with the same first name as moi. Cultural attuning is a parental project I know quite a lot about considering I’m Ukrainian with a Tanzanian common law “CIA project,” if you will, LOL. C’mon people.

Russian civil life mechanics on display at Bloomberg View

I woke up to a niggality scenario that I produced, or, should I say, started. Sometime black zombies need to be just that – not saved – and that’s a theory that my guy Ty Dolla Sign and Nas have advanced just fine. I’ll fall back. What interests me this morning on Bloomberg View is an excellent column presenting insight into the domestic mechanics of civil life in Russia. I had no idea it was a thing.

If you will, read Leonid Bershidsky’s reported column. Fake news it ain’t.

Not to get all poignant on you people, but domestic violence is something I can relate to on both ends of the spectrum. Spending four days in Dallas County jail in December 2013 for attempting to see my daughter in Irving, Texas, was my niggality. But, once inside, social work or rehabilitation didn’t happen. My kid’s mother is Tanzanian and, quite frankly, homicide is not in my purview any more than the years I’ve spent churning out copy for City News Service inside the LAPD’s Parker Center.

Here’s another fun fact: I had to walk up that infamous grassy knoll near the Dealey Plaza on my way towards the 7-11 to get a black ‘n mild and didn’t even realize where I was when I heard a tourist say something about it. I still think Dallas County should redevelop that particular area, but that’s their prerogative.

President elect Donald J. Trump adviser Jared Kushner gets love on Россия 24

Watch this like whichever CIA director was watching the White House on the morning of 9/11/01 and my ex-DEA, hedge fund manager acquaintance in Washington D.C. up at the towers as his friends came crashing down to their death. Capitalism doesn’t have to be bloody under the Donald J. Trump administration. Osama bin Laden was diabolical but that’s all because he, literally, had women problems.

Did President Obama improve race relations in the U.S.?

Lemme let Pac bust first. RIP. Also RIP to Eric J. Grant, my high school homie who dropped the intel that some Gardena-Compton Southside Crips knocked Pac down on Monday. Chuck Philips confirmed for the LA Times later. Eric was then was killed himself, because being a pretty boy in Gardena made him susceptible to ill will. But not before he gave me a copy of It Was Written on that school bus outside Downtown Business Magnets in 1996.

I digress…

The headline at BBC News with copy from New York correspondent Nick Bryant asks the US about what I like to sum up in one fused phrase: niggality. As in, “nigga” and “reality.” Considering my original reaction to Los Angeles-based photographer Tiffany Hobbs’ quip below, and the edited version, screenshot below, I think the answer should be in question form.

How much further do American-Africans need to go as a people to be less aggrieved?


But, that’s apparently not a conversation that an Eastern European who had a child out of wedlock with a Tanzanian national should have. Niggality should be the law of the land, and non-black people need to acquiesce and apologize for slavery? While we as a nation hold our collective breath, I’m just over here browsing my Google Voice to find the recording of a YG interview I did some 6 years ago. Instead I found a recording of a media relations staffer at the Grammy Museum advising me that executive director Bob Santelli would be willing to meet and hash out my grievances against his organization after I brought Leila Steinberg to a meeting with Nwaka Onwusa, who skyrocketed from ticket sales agent to exhibit curator and produced the late great Tupac Shakur exhibit – that Steinberg, a persona non grata with Afeni Shakur, before her death, was not allowed to attend at the opening ceremony. That the exhibit was even produced, some five years after that initial meeting, is legendary. Much like Pac’s mouth.

I will expand and update this post soon, since, let’s just say, I have a lot more to write about on this topic? In a perfect world, I could maybe even contribute something to BBC News, if John Mervin in New York can actually open his email and choose to respond. I’m reporter looking for that kind of opportunity. For the time being, this blog will more than suffice. I’m not here to force anyone’s invisible hand, because Adam Smith I am not. Ultimately, it’s the young people that are going to need to remove the race blinders and race-based hate mongering on social media and engage in real life. I can only do my part and that’s to have laser focus on helping raise my half-Tanzanian daughter to rise about the race dilemma. Having read BHO’s “Dreams From My Father” in 2005 while living in Bucyrus, Ohio, I feel that it is my nasibu, which is the Swahili word for “destiny,” itself rooted in al massir, the Arabic equivalent.




BBC tells it like it is about President-elect Donald Trump’s right-hand man

Gee wiz. Thank you BBC News for the simple insight excerpted below. Since Harvard University’s status in getting the upper hand on #Russia lies almost Cambridge-squarely within a 36-year-old’s domain, I am rather jazzed. I’m 35 and a little jealous, even. But, as far as leadership goes, Mr. Kushner seems to have abilities. On my end, having met one foreign minister (Bernard Membe of Tanzania), a USAMB (Mark Storella) and having had an African Politics class taught by a Harvard graduate (Ernest Wilson III of USC Annenberg), I am curious to see how this story unfolds from here on out.
Who is Jared Kushner?
Softly-spoken and usually camera-shy, Mr Kushner is a vastly wealthy property developer and publisher who played an influential role in Mr Trump’s presidential campaign and has been included in key meetings with foreign leaders during the transition period. An Orthodox Jew whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, he was raised in Livingston, New Jersey, and went on to study sociology at #Harvard.

Is George Will a reporter or a genius?

Listen, folks. I’m a fan of George Will the columnist more so than Allah’s will – or Nas of Ill Will, but we’ll just let that rest – in ways than President-elect Trump, Rep. Cardenas and Rep. Schiff could not imagine if they all walked into the National Press Building and ate tacos. Syndicated columnist George Will writes:

Soon, foreign policy will be conducted by a man who, although in 2010 he said WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange deserves the death penalty, now seems to trust Assange on the subject of Russian hacking more than he trusts the consensus of the nation’s $53 billion civilian intelligence institutions. Time passes and, we are told, brings progress.


I want to add a link that popped up in my Google Alerts for good measure, but I can’t seem to find it. Too encompassing. And I’m looking for more money than VXI Global Solutions Inc. in downtown L.A. was willing to pay for my Russian linguistics and sound mind.

[CES Blog 1] Yukuma power bank backed by Russian money (and it’s awesome)

That’s probably the coolest piece of information I managed to get out of Ivan at the Yukuma CES booth here in Las Vegas. The elegantly designed power banks have 10,000 mAh and can supposedly charge devices in 30 minutes. And, they cost $100 or so when they come to market. I’d love to find out who the financier is, considering Russia’s not-so-flattering portrayal in the media these days. But, reign of confusion can be extinguished. In another note, a manufacturer enlightened me today that Slavs were Russian slaves. I don’t know about all that. I’m Ukrainian with affinity for Turkey, blogging, rapping and generally being free. If a device like the Yukuma helps power me up, I’m all for that. Can they say “marketing budget” in Russian or nah when the product is rolled out? Stay tuned for part 2 and a wrap-up of sorts. I’m just to write my way out like Hamilton… Signing out, #SKOLARSHEEP #16YEARSAJOURNALIST