#TBT How the U.S. Secret Service Caught Up With Antywan Ross

To my earlier post, in which I dropped the Distant Relatives deck that was produced after William Morris Endeavor international agents for Nas and Damian Marley reached out to my business partner and I to anchor the DR tour of Africa in Dar es Salaam, I wanted to revisit the Antywan Ross story. A private equity friend in D.C. circles tried to match us up, and at one point, Ross and I got on the phone.

Within half-hour after the call, Ross emailed a contract that was half-NDA, half-nonsense. It was a strange piece of PDFuckery, considering he hadn’t done any due diligence on who I was, who I knew or how we would go forward. We hadn’t established any trust. He talked over me during most of the conversation. I didn’t need cognitive ability to discern he was full of shit, overzealously trying to book Snoop Dogg into Tanzania when no one in that market I knew personally then – or now – gave or will give a shit about booking Snoop for the amount of money his camp wants. I didn’t have any leverage then or access to a buyer, especially not one who would pay upwards of $750,000 for Calvin Broadus The Grandfather. Nah. And I still don’t. At that rate, I’d rather book YG in Libya for a bloody dollar (Excuse my sarcasm). Fuck outta here.

That concert business is shady goes without saying, but Antywan Ross is among the worst. He is an example of #TheAmericanOpportunist, which is literally the next chapter in the book that I’ll going to be working on. I mean, dude literally took money from someone in New Jersey and spent it on himself. Granted, when Barafu Group LLC was operational, I misappropriated $80 in our Citi account because I was young and dumb and didn’t realize that using business money for personal needs is a no-go.

My biz partner, who is now at CAA, according to LinkedIn, became as justifiably enraged as anyone should be. Antywan, on the other hand, as far as the media portrayal has me believing, really thought he could operate with impunity after stealing upwards of half-million dollars. When the sum is over $100,000, folks, the U.S. Secret Service swoops in and puts folks on ice. That’s better recourse than throwing tires on their body, sprinkling gasoline on them and lighting them up. Or, just dumpin’ a full magazine clip into their body on random street. I probably would resort to one of these measures, and not feel any sense of remorse whatsoever. But, that’s just me and while in California, I’m cool with a pen or this MacBook as a weapon. When in Texas, it is an entirely different calculus.

In general, at least Max Hardcore had money coming in from Europe when the Justice Department put him away for 46 months with the help of a Florida jury. Poor Antywan was a straight-up dumb ass. I hope he recovered and doing better than an average ex-convict caught up in white-collar crime.







Author: MrKandyba

Father, award-winning investigative journalist, content producer, bio writer and aspiring author. Proud alumnus of Cal State Northridge journalism department. Completing graduate certificate in public relations at University of Maryland University College to go with one in int'l trade.

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