A Kremlin foreign minister offers propagandist points on the U.S. adoption ban, and I’m cool with it

Too bad this Kremlin government media stunt is presented on a Russian Federation-controlled website, but I can overlook that, because in 2017, fake news can come from anywhere. If the Kremlin is dictating U.S. political agenda via the Trump Administration, can we at least see that psychic distance is something that intelligence services like the CIA simply are incapable of creating in Russia. Why? Because U.S. is not doing enough licensing deals with Russian businesses. I personally would like to see that changed, and if that means buying a Yukuma power bank with my own money, then so be it.

Fun fact. Here is an excerpt of speech that can be interpreted as undue pressure that Russian  officials should rethink. Otherwise, there’s no mitigation in status quo to change the consumer mindset in the U.S. against those to the right of Ukraine.

Even the US Department of State recorded cases of negligence that led to Russian children being deprived of their rights. But the State Department remained silent in response to our appeals for assistance. Under Barack Obama, this agency was taking what was generally an extremely passive, if not destructive, stance on these child cases. We did not see any willingness or ability on the part of the US authorities to take the necessary measures to hand down just punishments to those guilty or prevent these situations from recurring in the future. And this was the main motive behind approving the fully justified adoption ban. We still see absolutely no reasons for adjusting or repealing it.

-Konstantin Dolgov, foreign minister commissioner for (blah-blah-blah)

Btw, I can pull up a reported feature I did for the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum in Ohio about a Russian adoption in the U.S. gone right. Also, my former editor at the Orange County Register, Susan Gill Vardon, completed a successful adoption of a son with the same first name as moi. Cultural attuning is a parental project I know quite a lot about considering I’m Ukrainian with a Tanzanian common law “CIA project,” if you will, LOL. C’mon people.


Author: MrKandyba

Father, award-winning investigative journalist, content producer, bio writer and aspiring author. Proud alumnus of Cal State Northridge journalism department. Completing graduate certificate in public relations at University of Maryland University College to go with one in int'l trade.

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