Is DJ Mustard’s trainer resorting to a marketing lie to push BodyArmor?

This is not fake news, nor is it gossip. As a journalist with more than 15 years of various experience – from San Fernando Valley Business Journal to HipHopDX/NBCBLK – my integrity is sound like sauti is the Swahili word for “sound.”

Ask around.

So, when I write to state that as a 24 Hour Fitness member, I walked into the North Hollywood location on Friday, Jan. 13, noticed a framed flyer at the front desk showing DJ Mustard’s face and likeness, plus some copy mentioning Trey Songz, and a sign-up sheet, I truly got excited. I just saw Mustard and the trainer up at the Hollywood location taking jumpers on the same court where Pooch Hall and I balled earlier that afternoon.

Last I checked, DJ Mustard – real name Dijon McFarlane – is Jay Z’s Roc Nation managed artist. As such, I am going on a limb here, but the presumption is that  the his management likely did not approve or did not know about the promotional appearance at 24 Hour Fitness. So, Mustard’s trainer took it upon himself, and with BodyArmor attached a sponsor.

This is almost as unfortunate as the fact The Economist social media producer gig is paying only $40,000 per year. LOL. I’m sorry I just don’t fall for the okie-doke like some, if not, all of y’all. I briefly met the on-site rep with BodyArmor at the gym yesterday, when I also had a videographer roll through. I shot some video for social media and it is over on my Snapchat: akbarskolar. The white BodyArmor rep, with very average basketball game, told me the brand is based in New York, which tells it is likely desperate in having to engage in these kind of marketing gimmicks to grow its marketing share. I’m good on it, bro. It tastes like it’s marketing – strawberry sh*t.

I really hope Roc Nation and 24 Hour Fitness can get to this story before my former colleague Van Lathan decides to take this up on air. Oh, well, it could be too late now.


Author: MrKandyba

Father, award-winning investigative journalist, content producer, bio writer and aspiring author. Proud alumnus of Cal State Northridge journalism department. Completing graduate certificate in public relations at University of Maryland University College to go with one in int'l trade.

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