Did Russia sway U.S. election because Hillary and Bill Clinton-approved economic warfare in the mid-1990s?

[UPDATE: Revised the headline and text in the post to better reflect my state of mind].

This is deep stuff and only theoretic as far as I’m concerned. I am a civilian who spent a little time in D.C. circles in 2002-03 and believe in the good of America. That I do not work for any U.S. government agency nor have the desire to because the CIA is sloppy and FBI is incompetent is beyond any reproach. If an L.A. County jury can see the flaws in the FBI’s tactics under James Comey (or U.S. attorneys inability to close a case against a peer in the law enforcement community), I definitely see a weak and diminished federal apparatus.

However, like an average American citizen who sees newspapers in Starbucks near the Justice Tavern in DTLA, I skim war-mongering headlines and wonder what exactly is happening in Washington D.C. ahead of the inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20. I may or may not attend, although I RSVP’d via an internet portal for the transition team of the President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Truth be told, and from my perspective and my perspective only: As a Ukrainian-American, I simply do not believe that Russian Federation’s Vladimir Putin wants to see the U.S. lose its stature in the world. That’s a backward and Russia-phobic hypothesis advanced by Wall Street Journal opinion pages and retweeted by U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) 20-something social media intern. I am just here in Los Angeles watching the media circus and trying to get back into it in one way, shape or form.



Author: MrKandyba

Father, award-winning investigative journalist, content producer, bio writer and aspiring author. Proud alumnus of Cal State Northridge journalism department. Completing graduate certificate in public relations at University of Maryland University College to go with one in int'l trade.

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